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The Great Climate Debate

New for 2016-17

With unuasual weather patterns appearing more frequently,it is time our young adults were more aware of the issues and debate the issues. Television programmes like Top Gear, which most teenagers are 'into' often disregard the tremendous damage climate change is having on the environment now and in years to come.
I will come to your school for the whole day and in the morning chair a debate. The subject of that debate will be sent to your school one week before I arrive so that the teams can research the issues and prepare. The teams will be made up of 4 per team and they will speak for 4 minutes each on the subject. Ideally a judging panel of teachers (from the geography and science departments) will judge the debate and pronounce a winner in the end commenting on the process. There will be guillotine lights as is usual in such debates. No electronic props (like powerpoint) are allowed. 
The whole aim is to get the students TALKING about the issues.
In the afternoon, I will explore some of the points raised and I will do some mind blowing experiments. There will be student participation while introducing a new branch of science emerging called 'Earth System Science'
An example of some of the topics would be 
"The recent flooding is a direct result of Global warming"
"Choosing the type of car you drive in the future will save the Planet"
"Will the UK still be here is 150 years"
"Nuclear energy is the way forward to cut emissions of CO2"

Why not give me a ring so we can agree on a topic that your school wants.